Healing Sound / Healing Touch A NEW WAY

Using chant and toning, energy play and imagery for a healing experience

Services & Booking Options

Due to Covid-19, for the foreseeable future,
I will conduct appointments solely via video conference.

Wellness Services

The Magic of Sound and Visualization
on the Physical Body

Guided imagery, chanting & singing tone the autonomic nervous system, leading the client back to their authentic self, and more natural breathing, deeper relaxation, and a clearer mind. Online sessions use chanting, singing, toning, guided visualization, descriptions of physical techniques being employed, and distance Reiki. In-person, clothes-on sessions include the same “soundings” as above, visualization techniques, Reiki, rocking, joint manipulation, and massage to hands, feet, head and shoulders. Techniques in both types of sessions combine to soothe and uplift both body and spirit.

Tools for Tuning-up

Online guided visualization and the use of sound (song, chant, toning) lead you back to your authentic self, which in turn leads to more natural, efficient breathing, deeper relaxation, and a clearer mind. This is combined with instruction on using energy techniques to keep yourself “tuned up” between sessions. In-person, clothes-on techniques include the above, plus rocking, joint manipulation, and massage to hands, feet, head and shoulders.

Booking Options

Single Sessions

  • Initial ($110): allow 1 hour for session
    plus 15 – 20 minutes for intake/take-away.
    New clients: you must contact me via phone or email to access booking this first session.
  • Subsequent ($90): allow 1.0 hour

Discounts: Wellness Bundles

As a commitment to your wellness program, these sessions must be used at least once a month.

Gift Certificates

♥ Introduce a loved one, friend, or colleague to HS/HT with a Gift Certificate for $77 (30% off the price of an initial session). ♥ Or give the gift of a return session to an existing client for $63 (30% off the price of a return session). ♥

Return clients, please book below…if you are using Safari and have problems booking successfully, disable “prevent cross-site tracking” via Safari > Preferences > Privacy.