Healing Sound / Healing Touch

Using chant, song, and touch in a healing partnership


Healing Sound

a beautiful depiction of a sound waveWhen first practicing massage therapy 30 years ago, I found that a couple of my clients could not take in, or be reached by touch. I instinctively began to chant and found it a much more effective tool for helping them tune-in to themselves. I now incorporate healing sound from many cultures as well as melodies that come through me as I tune into the person I am working with. These wordless tunes, woven around moments of silence, sometimes sound like chants, sometimes like songs.


Jennifer Frick, Portland, Maine, applying Reflexology to a client's foot.A healing system based on the premise that each organ has a corresponding reflex point in the hands and feet, Reflexology utilizes energy pathways between our organs and reflex points which carry the currents of our vital life-force or chi. The feet have especially sensitive reflex points, making them easy to find, and giving the practitioner and the receiver a diagnosis tool for determining what organs may not be in balance. Working these areas helps re-balance these organs by releasing blocks that prevent the currents in the body’s energy pathways from flowing freely.


Jennifer Frick, Portland, Maine, giving Reiki to a client.Loosely translated from the Japanese as “universal life energy,” Reiki is a healing system that has become popular over the last half-century among bodywork practitioners, nurses, and laypersons. It is widely used in hospitals and hospice settings as well as in private practices. Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that balances the vibrational energies of the body. As with any healing modality, the healer acts as a clear channel for the healing energy that is flowing to the receiver. I trained in Levels 1, 2, and Master level of Usui Reiki in 2012-2013; in 2017 added training in Holy Fire Karuna Reiki, which I have found to be a powerful enhancement to my previous work.


Jennifer Frick, Portland, Maine, therapeutically Rocking a client.Gentle rocking of various parts of the body is a valuable tool for both client and practitioner to identify quickly areas of tension and more subtle holding on. It simultaneously affects release of those areas and creates an overall feeling of comfort, safety, and deep relaxation. With deep relaxation our natural sources of energy are accessed and revitalized.

Polarity Therapy

Jennifer Frick, Portland, Maine, applying Polarity to a client.Sometimes called polarity energy balancing, Polarity Therapy taps into the electromagnetic currents in the body to bring deep relaxation and healing. Life-force (also called chi, ki, or prana) is a subtle energy that moves throughout the body/mind/spirit. Through stress, over-work, or personal problems, this life-force can become blocked in one or more areas, preventing its natural flow. Light touch and off-the-body techniques connect the positive and negative poles to re-establish balance and align the life-force along the appropriate channels.

Therapeutic Touch

A hands-on healing system developed by Dora Kunz and RN Dolores Krieger in 1972, Therapeutic Touch is used to promote the balance and flow of chi, or life-force. By placing the hands on or near the body, the practitioner can interact with the client’s energy field and consciously aid in unblocking and balancing that energy force. This modality is based on the premise that all of us have the natural ability to heal ourselves and positively affect healing in others.

Jennifer Frick, Portland, Maine, looking out at the ocean sunset.