Healing Sound / Healing Touch A NEW WAY

Using chant and toning, energy play and imagery for a healing experience


Jennifer’s sessions are unique. I’ve had many massages in my lifetime, but Jennifer’s combination of both touch and sound were new to me. She has an incredible intuitive sense of what my body needs. If she senses that I need a little more touch, she will do that, but if it’s relaxing mantra-like sounds that will do my body and spirit good, she concentrates more on that. I felt as though I were floating above the comfortable massage table, able to allow the rhythmic sounds to course through my body, penetrating it both physically and spiritually. The total relaxation and renewal that I felt immediately after the massage lasted well into the week. I felt a calmness and wholeness that was truly wonderful.

~ Kathy Beach, South Portland, ME

Jennifer’s bodywork sessions are deeply relaxing and sometimes an out-of-body experience. She uses a unique blend of sound healing and healing touch that makes me forget all thoughts and concerns and allows me to tap into a deep place. I was very relaxed for the rest of the day. She is a gifted healer.

~ Kiya Smith, Portland, ME

In the past I have had Reiki, massage, and music therapy from individual practitioners; each one of them has left me with a peaceful feeling of rejuvenation and centeredness. My experience of Jennifer’s multifaceted healing work was like multiplying each one of those individual healing experiences times three. [Additionally, her] combination of inspired song and sound combined with her massage and touch have worked wonders for my chronic stiffness and neck pain.

~ Patsea Cobb, Cape Elizabeth, ME

My session was wonderful!  Jennifer seems to be able to intuit what part of your body needs attention and to what type of touch it will best respond.  The chanting fills your mind and, eliminating the social inclination to speak oneself and allowing you to just “experience”.  What I experienced was a strong feeling of being loved and cared for by a fellow human being.  A sense of peace surrounded me after the session and lasted for days.  I wish I could go once a week; I have resolved to go at least 4 times a year.  I need to add that for me the ability to remain fully clothed is super important.  I have received gift certificates for massages several times before and have never used them.  This is comfortable bodywork for the modest.

~ Muriel Allen, Portland, ME

When I thought about my upcoming session with Jennifer at Healing Sound/Healing Touch, I wondered how I would respond to the sound and touch combination, never having experienced that form of bodywork before.  What I felt was almost immediate relaxation and comfort that I had not experienced with traditional massage therapy.  The element of sound added a unique dimension that brought me closer to a state of complete relaxation more quickly and completely than any other bodywork had.

~ Linda Berry, Windham, ME

I experienced a thorough sense of safety and trust which allowed me to fully enter the space. A sense of nurturing and connection was present. During the latter part of the session,  I felt much peace, which I greatly appreciated.

~ Greg Grigsby, Bridgton, ME